As though wrapped up in a fold of time, which was forgotten by men, in a nook of history neglected
by the hurried representatives of the consumerist nothing, somewhere between the Japanese Middle
Ages and the globalized 21st century, Catherine Ludeau inhabits a peaceful place, an alcove, where
one feels at home without even being invited.
Like a submarine, sublime, material and telluric volcano, the work of Catherine Ludeau explodes in
silence. Pain here does not lie in the birthing but in the genesis. Only a long process, invisible to the
eye, could allow the blooming of such an accomplished, simple work.
Catherine, like an old secular sage and though she is not one, conjures a strange matter, which
contains an unremitting, conspicuous finitude, in which nothing is left unsaid, with the word as a
gesture, the quest as framework.
To contemplate and let oneself being swept away by that ballad in the heart of the gardens of her
mysterious, becalmed, soul, seemingly healed after one does not know what painful journey, is a
bath, which one leaves enriched, rested, almost new. It is birth and matter that are really at stake
here : resin never lets itself be completely tamed. It shies away from the artist’s former intention and
gives way to surprise, that of the work, the gist of which remains buried inside the creator till birth.
At the very first glance, Catherine Ludeau’s paintings do their work of peace and wonderment and
one would like to have them beside oneself in order to draw from them everyday the serene energy
that they dispense. Those are paintings of the morning for a peaceful awakening, a soft transition
between the world of sleep and that of hurried business.
Paintings full of light, to the warmth of which one is seeking for comfort and trust. Paintings of
chiaroscuro which lend themselves to meditation.
Looking like Yoko Tsuno, Catherine unwittingly conceals the keys of her treasure, about which one
wishes to know nothing for fear of spoiling it.
In her purified universe, or so it seems, time has stopped, one lives in a world without gravity, the
travellers that we are come accross a revelatory mirror which evokes the reintegration of contraries,
the ying and the yang, the unified whole, the equilibrium of the universe, resin without the varnish.